We are strategic

With the landscape of health insurance and employee benefits rapidly changing, we employ proprietary strategies to achieve the highest level of benefits for your money. We utilize the most leading-edge partnerships to ensure that innovation and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

We are personal

Whether you are just starting out, or hitting the next milestone in your business, we design custom benefit strategies that meet you where you are - and grow with you as you go. We believe in taking a consultative approach by looking at each individual company’s unique needs and situation.

We are collaborative

Insurance is complex and ever changing and we know you want to stay informed of your options and be able to make sense of the choices you make. We offer an educational approach, helping our clients understand the products and process every step of the way.

We are responsive

Lately is seems as though excellent customer service and a personal touch are a thing of the past. We understand how valuable your time is, and how challenging insurance can be. So, we are here when you need us.

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Why BE?

BE the Solution

We at BE Employer Solutions aim to be more than just your insurance agent. We believe all clients bring value and deserve value in return. We know that when properly safeguarded, people and businesses are better able to prosper and grow.

With a customized and advisory approach, we design comprehensive insurance solutions with options tailored to the culture and risk environment of each client we represent. In everything that we do, we strive to help our clients grow and protect that which is possible. By taking the time to truly understand the unique features of each client and developing strategies to maximize return on investment, we are able to deliver a first-rate experience and a service-oriented approach all year, every year. Through such we build lasting relationships, partnerships even, with those who entrust themselves to us.

It’s our objective to be the change in the insurance industry, to be the solution, to BE Employer Solutions.

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What we do

At BE Employer Solutions we specialize in assisting our clients in making the best choices for their insurance needs.

Group Medical/Dental/Vision

Specialized Group Plans - All Major Carriers - Level Funded

Voluntary Benefits

Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Short-Term Disability, Medical Bridge (GAP)

Life Insurance

Term, Universal, & Whole

1-1 Enrollment Solutions

The best opportunity to help your employees understand and appreciate the benefits you provide.

Medicare, Home Health, and Senior Dental/Vision

Exclusive access to financially-stable Medicare coverage, affordable Home Healthcare coverage, and no-network Senior Dental and Vision.

Specialized Tax Incentives for Businesses

Cost Segregation, WOTC, Property Tax Mitigation, R&D Tax Credits, Credit Card Merchant Audit

Our team

Work with professionals

Our team of dedicated professionals specialize in each of their roles. From coordinator, to account manager, to our specially trained benefit counselor team (bilingual counselors available), we have you covered. Our synergistic approach achieves the highest level of understanding for your employees and appreciation for the benefits you provide.